Davies Craig Transmission Cooler - Medium #403

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Ultra-Cool Transmission Cooler with 3/8" Push-on Fittings 190mm (H) x 324mm (L) x 19mm (Thick) Because of the tremendous heat generated in an automatic transmission, an auxiliary transmission cooler is an economical way to help protect against costly transmission repairs. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) cools, lubricates and cleans internal transmission components. When temperatures exceed 93°C (200°F), the ability of ATF to perform is greatly diminished. Subsequently, the life span of the fluid, seals and moving parts are greatly reduced. Higher internal temperatures also increase the wear rate of the friction and clutch plates. The Ultra-Cool transmission cooler is available to suit a wide range of applications from small sedans to light commercial vehicles. Ultra soniocally soldered for reliability 100% pressure tested at 300PSI for quality assurance High efficiency turbulators in every tube for maximum heat dissipation 3/8" pus h-on fittings easy installations Hose clamps and nylon mounting ties Recommended for vehicle manufactured PRIOR to 1990
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Part Type Gaskets, Seals, Filters & Coolers
Product Line Transmission & Drivetrain
Brand Davies Craig
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