3M Trim General Adhesive 4/16.25Oz Each #8088

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Low VOC, clear, high strength adhesive for bonding automotive materials such as carpeting, jute pads, fabrics and plastics to metal and other surfaces. Has good heat and water resistance.
This trim adhesive comes in an aerosol spray that is easy to aim and control. Simply spray the adhesive onto both surfaces to be joined. The adhesive dries quickly in about one to three minutes, leaving a tacky surface behind. Mate the surfaces to be joined with firm, uniform pressure. Before using this product, please reference Product Label and/or Safety Data Sheet for Health and Safety Information. Note: Laws controlling the acceptable amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) vary by state, and in some cases by locality. For surface preparation and clean-up activities, consult federal, state and local regulations regarding use of products containing VOCs in your area. Recommended for bonding carpet fabric and plastic to metal Secure bonding to hard, impervious surfaces Aerosol adhesive offers easy application Dries to a clear color for a low profile appearance Offers good heat and water resistance
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Part Type Sealers, Gaskets & Glue
Product Line Decals, Mouldings & Trim
Brand 3M
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