Pioneer Harmonic Balancer Ford 351W -351/400M Each #DA-3512

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Pioneer Harmonic Balancer, External Balance, 6.500 inch Diameter, Nodular Iron, Black, Ford/Mercury, Modified V8, Each#DA-3512

The harmonic balancer under your hood dampens the vibration from heavy torque, while also serving as a pulley for drive belts. It's a key component to avoid a cracks in the crankshaft and other engine failures. When shopping for a replacement, Pioneer offers an extensive line of balancers for domestic and import cars, trucks, and vans. These parts are a tremendous value, especially when compared with the damage possible via a faulty harmonic balancer. Order the model recommended for your application.

Specifications :

Brand: Pioneer Automotive

Part Type: Harmonic Balancers

Product Line: Pioneer Balancers

Engine Balance: External

Degree Markings: Yes

Outside Diameter: 6.500 in.

Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Hole Quantity: Four

Keyway Quantity: Stock

Harmonic Balancer Material: Nodular iron

Harmonic Balancer Construction: Elastomer

Harmonic Balancer Color: Black painted

Mounting Hardware Included: No

Quantity: Sold Each

Notes: Weight is 9.26 lbs.

More Information
Product Line Engine Components
Brand Pioneer
Vehicle Application
1978 Ford Bronco All
1979 Ford Bronco All
1980 Ford Bronco All
1981 Ford Bronco All
1971 Ford Country Sedan All
1972 Ford Country Sedan All
1973 Ford Country Sedan All
1974 Ford Country Sedan All
1971 Ford Country Squire All
1972 Ford Country Squire All
1973 Ford Country Squire All
1974 Ford Country Squire All
1971 Ford Custom All
1972 Ford Custom All
1971 Ford Custom 500 All
1972 Ford Custom 500 All
1973 Ford Custom 500 All
1974 Ford Custom 500 All
1975 Ford Custom 500 All
1976 Ford Custom 500 All
1977 Ford Custom 500 All
1978 Ford E-100 Econoline All
1978 Ford E-150 Econoline All
1978 Ford E-150 Econoline Club Wagon All
1978 Ford E-250 Econoline All
1978 Ford E-250 Econoline Club Wagon All
1978 Ford E-350 Econoline All
1978 Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon All
1977 Ford F-100 All
1978 Ford F-100 All
1979 Ford F-100 All
1981 Ford F-100 All
1977 Ford F-150 All
1978 Ford F-150 All
1979 Ford F-150 All
1980 Ford F-150 All
1981 Ford F-150 All
1977 Ford F-250 All
1978 Ford F-250 All
1979 Ford F-250 All
1980 Ford F-250 All
1981 Ford F-250 All
1977 Ford F-350 All
1978 Ford F-350 All
1979 Ford F-350 All
1980 Ford F-350 All
1981 Ford F-350 All
1969 Ford Fairlane All
1970 Ford Fairlane All
1971 Ford Galaxie 500 All
1972 Ford Galaxie 500 All
1973 Ford Galaxie 500 All
1974 Ford Galaxie 500 All
1972 Ford Gran Torino All
1973 Ford Gran Torino All
1974 Ford Gran Torino All
1975 Ford Gran Torino All
1976 Ford Gran Torino All
1975 Ford Granada All
1976 Ford Granada All
1977 Ford Granada All
1971 Ford LTD All
1972 Ford LTD All
1973 Ford LTD All
1974 Ford LTD All
1975 Ford LTD All
1976 Ford LTD All
1977 Ford LTD All
1978 Ford LTD All
1979 Ford LTD All
1977 Ford LTD II All
1978 Ford LTD II All
1979 Ford LTD II All
1969 Ford Mustang All
1970 Ford Mustang All
1971 Ford Mustang All
1971 Ford Ranch Wagon All
1972 Ford Ranch Wagon All
1973 Ford Ranch Wagon All
1974 Ford Ranch Wagon All
1969 Ford Ranchero All
1970 Ford Ranchero All
1971 Ford Ranchero All
1972 Ford Ranchero All
1973 Ford Ranchero All
1974 Ford Ranchero All
1975 Ford Ranchero All
1976 Ford Ranchero All
1977 Ford Ranchero All
1978 Ford Ranchero All
1979 Ford Ranchero All
1972 Ford Thunderbird All
1977 Ford Thunderbird All
1978 Ford Thunderbird All
1979 Ford Thunderbird All
1971 Ford Torino All
1972 Ford Torino All
1973 Ford Torino All
1974 Ford Torino All
1975 Ford Torino All
1976 Ford Torino All
1971 Mercury Colony Park All
1972 Mercury Colony Park All
1973 Mercury Colony Park All
1974 Mercury Colony Park All
1969 Mercury Comet All
1969 Mercury Cougar All
1970 Mercury Cougar All
1971 Mercury Cougar All
1973 Mercury Cougar All
1974 Mercury Cougar All
1975 Mercury Cougar All
1976 Mercury Cougar All
1977 Mercury Cougar All
1978 Mercury Cougar All
1979 Mercury Cougar All
1969 Mercury Cyclone All
1970 Mercury Cyclone All
1971 Mercury Cyclone All
1978 Mercury Grand Marquis All
1971 Mercury Marquis All
1972 Mercury Marquis All
1973 Mercury Marquis All
1974 Mercury Marquis All
1978 Mercury Marquis All
1979 Mercury Marquis All
1975 Mercury Monarch All
1976 Mercury Monarch All
1977 Mercury Monarch All
1969 Mercury Montego All
1970 Mercury Montego All
1971 Mercury Montego All
1972 Mercury Montego All
1973 Mercury Montego All
1974 Mercury Montego All
1975 Mercury Montego All
1976 Mercury Montego All
1971 Mercury Monterey All
1972 Mercury Monterey All
1973 Mercury Monterey All
1974 Mercury Monterey All
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