The best value-priced converters available, B&M Tork Masters perform similarly to B&M's Holeshot Series. They are excellent, all-around performance street torque converter with a new alloy steel pump drive tube, needle thrust bearing when factory equipped, and thrust washer between turbine and cover when required. Tork Masters are not to be used in transbrake applications or with big blocks.

B&M 20404 - B&M Tork Master Converters Details

Tork Master 2400 Converters


For 1965-91 GM TH375, TH400, and TH425

GM vehicles with variable pitch transmission (some 1965-67 Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac) must have pump and input shaft changed to fixed pitch design to use B&M converter

For 1968-81 TH350 and TH375B

Does not fit TH350C

Does not fit lock-up converter or clutch converter models

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Part Type Transmission & Drivetrain
Product Line Torque Converters
Brand B&M
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