CRANE CAM Lifter Set (Ford SB & BB 429-460) Solid Set

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Crane Cams 99257-16 0.875" Mechanical Lifter for Ford, (Set of 16)
Finest Materials - Precision machined from the finest quality components to be metallurgically compatible with cam lobes. High RPM Potential - Crane Mechanical Flat Lifters are capable of turning 8, 000 to 8, 500 RPM with the right engine combination. Uncompromising Performance - While solid lifters periodically require adjustment, they are a better choice for engines that want the most from a flat tappet valve train. Fit Ford 221-302 Small Block, 351 Windsor, 351 Cleveland/M-400M and 370-460 Big Block Made in USA
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Part Type Lifters
Product Line Cam & Lifters, Cams & Valvetrain
Brand Crane Cams
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