Gasket Set Full Holden #5RFS25308PT-EFI

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Full Engine Gasket Set Suit Holden Commodore 5.0L EFI VN-VT With Rope Rear Main Seal
Engine gasket kit includes: Felpro Teflon Head Gasket x2 Valve Cover Gasket x2 Exhaust Manifold Gasket x2 Intake Manifold Gasket x2 Intake Manifold End Seals x2 Distribtor Gasket x1 Thermostat Housing Gasket x1 Oil Pan Gasket x1 Timing Cover Gasket x1 Water Pump Gasket x1 Harmonic Balancer Seal x1 Rear Main Seal x1 Fuel Pump Gasket x1 Oil Pump Cover Gasket x1 Oil Pump To Block Gasket x1 Oil Pick Up Gasket X1 Valve Stem Seals x16
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Part Type Gaskets
Product Line Fasteners, Gaskets & Seals
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