Aeroflow Carburettor Linkage Kit 12-3/4 Inch (320mm) #AF42-1012

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Aeroflow Carburetor Linkage Arm Length 320mm#AF42-1012

These carburettor linkage kits allow you to quickly and easily hook your throttle pedal assemblies up to the carburettor. Crafted from 316 stainless steel, they allow up to 1" adjustments. Available from 2-3/4" (70mm) to 12-3/4" (320mm) lengths.

12-3/4" (320mm) Carburettor Linkage Kit

Allows for 1" Adjustments

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Part Type Throttle Components
Product Line Carburettors & Accessories, Throttle Components
Brand Aeroflow
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