PROFORM's 100 AMP Alternator is a 1-wire, GM 10 SI Case Style complete with Internal Regulator. The External Fan Style Alternator features a Machined Pulley, Natural Finish and is NOT made with re-man componets. Each alternator is produced by highly specialized machines, assembled by highly trained personnel using dedicated jigs and equipment.

GM 10 SI; w/ Internal Regulator, V-Pully, & Ext. Fan

w/ Internal Regulator, V-Pulley, & Ext. Fan

A manufacturing break-through has enabled PROFORM to offer 100% NEW alternators with the same affordability as others' re-built models!

Each unit is supplied with its own individual Quality Assurance graph documenting its performance and is easily identified by the machined pulley.


100 AMP Model

GM 10si 1 Wire Style with Internal Regulator

External Fan Style

Machined Pulley

Natural Finish

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Part Type Ignition, Charging and Starting
Product Line Accessories, Starters & Alternators
Brand Proform
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